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Eric Good

Founder Of Supernatural Inc. Investigations


Eric G. Good Founder of Supernatural Inc. Investigations

Hello Everyone!
Well here's a little about me.. I've been around ghosts and the paranormal ever since I was a small child. My grandparent's house was haunted and I just thought it was normal to see doors open by themselves or to hear voices of someone who was not there.. I thought that it was normal.. Till I got older and started to understand that We are not suppose to see these things or hear them!! That it is not normal!!
So you start to block them out! But Then all of a sudden there were other people just like me... And that your not alone!

So I started to look into ghost stories to see if I could figure out how and why this happens to average ordinary people just like you and me!!
And to let them know that, "No your not nuts."
That there are people who are willing to hear them out and to help them... Maybe even help out the spirits to let them know that we can help... Maybe even solve a puzzle to why they are still stuck in an earth bound plane..

So after 26 years of Ghost stories and having memories of my childhood haunting me I decided to get this thing going!
We all love a good ghost story We just love the true ones! So with the help of some dear friends and family.. It was time to get going..

Who knew that you could make a T.V. show about it or even start a radio show about it.. But today is a more open minded society.. It's OK to believe in things that go bump in the night or to even see shadow people..

But now we have the harder job on hand....
To prove to the skeptics that there is such a thing as ghosts!

Or is it really easier to understand A MASS HALLUCINATION than to have more than one person see a ghost at one time!
I think if you see a cat it's a cat, And if you see a ghost It's a ghost.. Short and simple!

I feel that everyone has a story whether they are a live or dead..
There is more to a haunting then a ghost just trying to scare the hell out of someone.. There is a reason why they are still there!
Are they there because they lost something or someone? Maybe there there as a warning... Or Perhaps they just don't know that they are gone!

As a friend said to me your like a voice for them or like a lawyer for them....LOL..
I guess I am...
So with that said..

Read about the rest of the supernatural inc. family..

Let The Hunt Begin!





Melissa a. Good Founder of Supernatural Inc. Investigations


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Melissa A. Good’s Bio

Hi, just a little bit about me. I have been married for 20 years to Eric, with beautiful two daughters . I worked at our local area hospital in the Health Information Management Dept where I worked for over 12 years. I am also a former EMT-I certified in the state of CT. I AM CURRENTLY ATTENDING COLLEGE, WORKING ON A DEGREE IN THE FIELD OF MORTUARY SCIENCE

Do I believe in GHOSTS? Yes and No…
Dare I say I am a SKEPTIC…well maybe not a skeptic perhaps but I don’t believe ALL of what I hear or see. Have I ever seen a ghost?…No, I have not. Have I ever had a paranormal experience?…Yes, I have. Just little things I can’t explain. Noises that shouldn’t be heard and shadows that I catch out of the corner of my eye when no one else is around. I’ve had a few creepy dreams that have come true also.
I am interested in the field of the Paranormal. To me it’s like a puzzle and I love to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I love anything that involves using my mind and this field definitely entices the mind. It draws you in, skeptics and believers alike. Both trying to find the answer, sometimes when there is no tangible answer to find. Both parties working side by side seeing and hearing the same evidence yet coming to different conclusions using the same data that they together have complied.

So, again, do I believe in ghosts…I guess this is the reason I helped start Supernatural Inc. to find out this answer
And my friends….the answer has yet to come….




Tabitha Koscinski  Investigator / Public Relations


My name is Tabitha but everyone calls me Tab. I’m Married to Chuck Koscinski and we live in North Branford, CT. I am an insurance agent and work the entire state.

I guess you can say I am a true believer in ghosts. I grew up living at my grandmother’s house with my mother. This house IS haunted. I have seen many apparitions and experienced a lot of things. One experience stands out the most. The rattling of my mother’s bedroom door like someone is trying to either get out or get in. We thought at first it was the wind, but there is no draft and no one is near it. Still trying to explain it. Another time was finding the bathroom cabinet completely cleaned out and organized. Before this was done, you couldn’t even see that there were shelves. So imagine my surprise when I got home to find it cleaned. No one had been home all day.

I am not one of those people who will go into an investigation thinking I will find something. I always have an open and clear mind. You have to in this business, your mind plays tricks on you a lot and you need to know the difference between finding something and mind play.

I am truly grateful to Eric and Melissa for letting me be a part of Supernatural, Inc


Chuck Koscinski Investigator / Tech.


My name is Chuck and I am a paranormal investigator. I had an experience a while back that helped me believe in the paranormal. I keep an open mind while investigating. I am not one to say that I have seen or heard something that has not happened unlike some of the other groups.

Laura Palladino Wilson Investigator/Training Tech.

Investigator in training:

Hello there :) My name is Laura, I am a psychiatric technician at Charlotte Hungerford in Torrington CT. I am been fascinated by the supernatural since a child, growing up in a haunted house. I have had multiple experiences with ghosts, some visual some auditory. I am proud to be a part of supernatural Inc. I am here to help, here to learn, and here to hopefully make a difference. God bless you all :)

Dan Palladino

Investigator in training.

Justin Barrante

Investigator in training..

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