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We are a multi-member group of Paranormal Research/ Investigators that try to get to the bottom of each case.

We personally know what it feels like to experience paranormal activity and can help with ways to get through it!

We investigate with you in mind...

There is never a charge...


This Is Our Mission

Supernatural Inc. Investigations (S.N.I.)is a Multi-member team of investigative/researchers. The team was incorporated in March of 2007 to find out the truth behind the paranormal field. We will perform a professional investigation with you in mind. We will keep our findings confidential, unless otherwise specified. Any information found while investigating is the property of Supernatural Inc. Investigations (S.N.I.). Any copies of our findings are given at the closure of each case. Our slogan is, and always will be "We Seek Out The Truth". Today there are so many groups out there that call themselves paranormal investigators. The truth be known they are nothing more then thrill seekers who like to ghost hunt. We are different; we find the history of the buildings and land that we investigate. We only investigate with full permission of property, home, or business owners. We look up old files and records that will help us on our quest for the truth. We never charge. Our payment is to educate people and to empower them not to be afraid of what they can not see. Our goal is to seek out the truth and collect evidence of paranormal activity to back up the claims of each case. We are not just ghost hunters. We are a group of serious investigative/researchers that will get the answers you need. This is our mission statement and our promise.
We will seek out the truth!

Eric G. Good

We are Supernatural Inc. Investigations... And we are here to help you!!!!!

To Contact us just click On "  Contact Us"   at the bottom of the page. Please fill out the form completely. Click on send. When it has been sent to us you will be redirected to Our Home Page.  Or just click on the blue E-mail link below for any other info not pertaining to an investigation. Please note we respond to serious inquiries only! Anything else will be deleted.

You can reach us directly by e-mail by clicking this line. supernatural-inc@hotmail.com ~Thank you.


Just a Welcome from Co-founder Melissa

Supernatural Inc. Investigations is a multi-member group that researches and investigates the Paranormal. We search out answers to the unexplained. We take pieces of a puzzle and try to find the answers to put the puzzle together.
We seek out the truth. Each person in our team has brought with them their own skill and talent along with their own personal experiences. We treat every case with an open mind and we hope we can bring some understanding, and closure for those involved.
So I would like to take this time to welcome you all to Supernatural Inc.Investigations
Melissa A. Good

WE are Supernatural Inc. Investigations

The members of Supernatural Inc. Investigations all take turns doing research for our cases. If we are not in the local library or Town Hall looking for land transfers, we might be strolling through as many as 3 cemeteries (per day) looking for a name on a stone-sometimes the only information we can get, or we could be spending our Sunday afternoon at the town's Historical Society learning as much as we can from curators and documents. The point is is that we are all constantly working at finding that one clue that will lead us closer to the answers.

Supernatural Inc. Investigations

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