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The Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast
This is our favorite place to stay when in Salem, MA.
If you are looking for the best Look no further, Bob Shea is truly the best,Thanks Bob.
Bob and Marcel will make you feel right at home.
Bob is very knowledgeable about Salem, and you might even experience a friendly spirit.

Green Dreams Photo
Making Fantasies Come True Daily.
Barry and his team are great... If you are in the mood for some great history and knowledge of CT this is a great place to start.. Barry is also a great Author of some great books... Check out his site you will not be disappointed..
Thanks Barry...
God Bless.

Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion.
Devin Miles was part of the Supernatural Inc. Family in the beginning. Since he's not investigating the world of the paranormal with S.N.I.anymore, he is busy building one of the best Photography Businesses around. He has done Weddings, and is the Main photographer for Green Dreams Photo. We wish nothing but the best for Devin. Why not check him out for all of photo needs.

Pushin Daisies
a mortuary novelty shop

Supernatural Inc. Investigations on Facebook!!!!!
Check us out on Facebook!!! Just click here. Thank you for you interest in Supernatural Inc. Investigations.. See you there!!!!
Great people to work with.. Just down to earth and ALWAYS there for you... Thank you!!! For all the great success, and all the help you have always provided.. Thank you and look forward to many more years together...

Eric G. Good
Founder of
Supernatural Inc.
Mississippi Valley Paranormal is a paranormal investigation and research group that was formed in December 2007 to help further research into the paranormal in a strictly professional manner. Our members come from all walks of life and we use only scientific means to research and collect evidence. We are always open to investigating with other teams because we believe that unity in the paranormal community is a must.

Mississippi Valley Paranormal covers Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, including the Quad Cities.

Mississippi Valley Paranormal is a non-profit organization and we do not charge for our services.

A research / investigation group after our own heart!!! Great work to everyone in your group, God Bless and Supernatural Inc. Investigations is here for you if you ever need the help.
Eric & Melissa Good
Founders of
Supernatural Inc.

Saturday Night Paranormal Starring Ian Hickin
Just a great Bunch of people, helping people! It just doesn't get better then them! Thanks Guys! On Saturday Nights 10pm-2am. Check them out!!!!

The White Noise Forum.
The White Noise Forum….

Anything else is just Static!!!!!
This is an awesome place to get information on Haunted Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. Very nice job Gina!!! Great Work....

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