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Yankees Rule

Some photos taken at one of our investigations.

I'm not an Orb fan by any means, but these are some orbs we caught in one shot then in the next shot half a second later nothing. Just open for thought.

The hunt is still on.. We are still baffled at the overwhelming evidence we have collected at this location in Torrington CT.
We have many EVPs and strange orb photos.
We are trying to locate the land records of the history before the house was built. We came to the one of many theories that the land is active as well as the house. We have voices of at least 5 different spirits. There is at least 1 female,1 older man,2 younger men,and a possible child.
In the EVPS we recorded you can hear hard soled shoes walking a cross the floor. You can also hear doors creaking and someone breathing this was when we all were in other areas of the house. The room was empty..
That night no one in the group wore hard sole shoes we were in sneakers and soft soled shoes! We also made contact with our dowsing rods, EMF readings were all over the place and temperature drops! The only thing that has me concerned is the possibility of a non-human spirit!
For all you Ghost Hunters And Paranormal investigators we would love to hear from you.
We might even ask if you are interested in helping..
Please let us know and we will fill you in.
Send us a e-mail at the contact page..

More to be continued.......

    This case is closed, We have made a difference, the resident said the activities have calmed down. We went through the house and burned sage and blessed the house.  But I think the reason for the calming is because we helped empower the resident! Sometimes confronting the problem and standing your ground is all that is needed. 

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