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Second investigation at this location..Moses Dunbar House

Supernatural Inc. Investigations investigated The Moses Dunbar House for the second time on March 14, 2009. Again, we would like to thank the occupants for their hospitality and kindness.

Eric, myself, Kevin, Dorette and Tom were the investigators along with the owners. This was a night investigation and the house was empty except for the investigators. We had two new cameras with us. Four cameras all together, one in an upstairs room, one is Emma’s room, one in the front living room and the last in the kitchen facing the stove and dining room. We also had our hand held DVR set up in the part of the house that was under construction.

S. was worried that her daughter Emma was being kept awake at night. Upon entering Emma’s room, I felt uneasy and on the voice recorder there was a loud breath when Eric and I were talking. Tom entered the room and told the “spirit” no more and it seemed to be quieter then. There were a couple of personal experiences. Dorette and S. saw lights in Emma’s room above her crib. When Eric and I were in there I felt uneasy and wanted my back against the wall. When S. and Eric were in the front living room they thought they saw a figure walk up to the outside of the front door and Dorette thought she saw a figure on the DVR recorder. Kevin asked a question, “Are you Moses Dunbar” and he heard a faint., no”.

We found a strange still camera picture and some abnormal DVR evidence. We did catch a few EVP’s with our voice recorders.

This was a great way to see the difference between a day and night investigation. A. and S. and their family are truly a great bunch of people and we at Supernatural Inc. Investigations want to thank them for opening up their house and lives to us again.


Supernatural Inc. Investigations

The Truth about Dudleytown


   Time and time again I get asked   "so what's the story about Dudleytown?  "...  OK so here it is.. The truth about Dudleytown in Cornwall CT. When I was younger in my teen years some friends and I went to Dudleytown as a dare. What we found was a beautiful, peaceful little plot of land with some cellar holes and a stream with a wall, and what seemed like once stood a small wooden wheel for grinding grain which was powered by the stream. Today Dudleytown is private property that is patrolled by The CT State Police.  Anyone caught trespassing will be arrested! Why you ask is it so off limits…

    Well our story starts back in the 1970s. It seemed this sleepy little lot of land fell into a wide spread phenomenon.  The stories were sensational ! Ghosts and lost / evil spirits must be the reason for all this bad luck and paranormal activity!! This was confirmed by Ed and Lorraine Warren, so it has to be true!!!

     Nonsense!!! The reason why the people left wasn’t because of evil spirits, ghosts, or even bad luck!! The settlement was placed or founded on top of a mountain.  As the settlement grow they needed more food which means the land was farmed more. When the railroad became the biggest thing sense sliced bread. Charcoal and Coal was needed to fuel steam for the locomotives, so the settlement started to cut timber (used for making charcoal) and stripped the land of it’s protection!

   Slowly the ground eroded.. The soil became stripped of its nutrients. The soil production started to slow and the food that was harvested was becoming less and less healthy to eat. The water supply started to dry up.. It seemed that the land was dieing and the people couldn’t live were the water and food couldn’t sustain life.. The settlement moved to greener pastures..

    The land was purchased by a Dr. in the 1900s, and was originally bought and used for a retreat for nurses and Doctors from New York. The retreat was a chance for them to get out of the hustle and bustle of New York. After the good Dr. passed away the land was entrusted to a private organization. Today the land is now protected by the Dark Entry Forrest Association.

   Today the land is off limits.. The sad thing about all of this is the false stories brought all the wrong people.. It ruined it for all of us.. Because of lack of privacy and the constant hassle of party goers and crashers the DEFA had to make the land off limits!

    The truth is the land was never haunted!! Only the stories were! Please do not go there unless you gain full permission to do so. The land is a protected area and should be respected as such.


To find out more truth about Dudleytown click here.. 
This will link you to Rev. Gary P. Dudley page. Rev. Gary P. Dudley is a direct descendant of the founders of The Dudleytown

Tammy's Place

Tammy’s House
Torrington, CT

This investigation happened on March 7, 2009. It was a second floor apartment occupied by a Mother and her 13 year old daughter. This case is different as one of our team members used to leave there about 10 years ago. They too had many experiences there such as hearing voices like a party was going on in the kitchen and when they went to look there was no one there.

Tammy had an experience where she was walking up the attic stairs and she heard someone call her name. Her daughter has had some strange things happen. Her friends and her have seen a person standing outside the front window which is one the second floor.

This was the first investigation with Skyler and Zach. They did a great job. Also present were Chuck, Tab, Dorette, Kevin, Tom, Devin and Eric and I. Tammy and her daughter were also present.

We set up our DVR cameras and took our still cameras with us along with our voice recorders.
A few of us went to the attic and sat in a circle and asked questions. This was a place that was thought to be a spot were the family that used to live there held séances.
The rest of our team spread out through out the downstairs.
We switched spots through out the night and then to end the night we all went to the attic and all sat in a circle and hoped that all our energy would help with something happening. We each took a turn asking one question.

In the end, after reviewing all evidence we found nothing out of the ordinary there.

A family that lives in an apartment in Montville was being bothered by shadow figures, strange sounds such as breath sounds and their family dog not wanting to go outside.
Devin, Eric, Melissa,(me), Kevin, Tab and Chuck went to investigate on All Hallow's Eve. The land is old Indian Land and maybe even old burial grounds. The apartment was small for our whole group to stay in it so we took turns going outside and some of us stayed inside. With all four of our cameras set up we set out on our investigation. One of the claims was a picture taken outside in the complex parking lot while two friends were listening to music in a car. They say the picture shows the face of a man with half of the face burned. Upon doing our research we talked to Montville's Fire Marshall and was told there was a fatal fire about 1000 feet from the complex. (Thanks Ray) Tab and I spent most of the night outside in the dark and running thru the woods fighting the huge pricker bushes. OUCH!! We were armed with our handheld, still camera and voice recorder. The weather was chilly and the night was dark but we encountered nothing out of the ordinary. In the apartment the rest of the crew also did not find any evidence. After a long night we wrapped up our investigation and went home to go over our evidence. After hours of listening to voice recorders and watching videos we found no evidence. No evidence on our stills either. Devon even took some long exsposure shots. The occupants of the apartment are still living with paranormal activity but with our visit they have learned to take control and now live in peace knowing they have the control and not the other way around.

12/27/08 Investigation

The Family that ownes this house asked their names not be used.

After meeting with the owner and her daughter, Supernatural Inc. Investigations scheduled a day and time for an investigation for question of paranormal activity in the house.

The house has quite a rich history within its past. The house was built in the 1700’s and added onto in the 1800s. Again, there was a modern addition added in the 1940s.

At one point it is speculated that Moses Dunbar, a loyalist to the British church lived there. Moses was hung, in 1777, for treason. He was the only civilian ever hung for that reason. The house is located near one of the old Tories that was used in that time as hideouts where they could practice their religion and hold secret meetings.

Some think that it’s Moses himself that still haunts the old house on the hill.

The house has many children in it and many of the kids have said they have seen a man and a little girl. The kids point and say that the man is very nice and when one looks to see what the kids see, there is no one there.

There have been reports of the owner of the house doing dishes and she will feel a tug on her pants like a child is trying to get her attention when she turns and looks, expecting to see her granddaughter, no one is there.

There is an old cast iron stove that was brought into the house, not original to the house, that sits in the corner of the kitchen. The handle for the burner hole covers flew off and landed on the floor one day as the owners were just arriving back from shopping, bags still in their hands.

There has been reports of a black mist that appears in certain rooms of the house. Also, a cousin of the family heard her name being called from downstairs while everyone else was upstairs sleeping.

Again, at the sink, while a family member was washing baby bottles, she was bumped from behind and she asked if it was the daughter that did it and the answer was no.

Also, the house is filled with little cubby spaces and one of them was in a closet. The daughter was sleeping in that room when that cubby door flew out of the closet door with great force. The daughter had her brother nail that cubby shut.

In that same room the daughter was laying in her bed when she saw the figure of a little girl appear beside the bed and then disappear.

There have also been numerous other accounts of paranormal things going on in the house.

On December 27, 2008, Supernatural Inc. consisting of Eric, Melissa, Dorette, Devin and Kevin arrived at the house at 10:00 a.m. to start our investigation.

With the set up complete within 20 mins. we were ready to roll. This was our first day time investigation so we had some new experiences and obstacles to go over.

We all took turns watching the monitor and we spread out. As it was day time we had the freedom to travel alone to any where in the house.

Eric and I went to the basement first. Our EMF detector kept picking up something near the old tools but nothing anywhere else.

Kevin and Dorette went to the upstairs bedroom (1800) where they both said it got very cold in there while they were sitting there. Then Dorette went into the other bedroom. (1700) Devin was watching the monitor at this time.

Eric and I came up from the basement and went into the breakfast nook armed with our voice recorders and still camera. Eric was holding the camcorder. The access door light kept blinking like the door was going to open but it never did. But on playback from our voice recorder you can hear the word “X” or something when Eric mentions what had happened to Devin.

As the day progressed we all shuffled thru the house. We looked at all the rooms and investigated the house thoroughly. We all took turns asking questions and hoping we got some answers on the voice recorder.

The question, “Are you Moses Dunbar?” was asked by Eric. Unfortunately we received no response and we can’t say for certain the house is haunted by Moses Dunbar.

We caught some EVP’s on tape. Some were very interesting, some spine tingling. None of them seemed threatening or mean.

There are at least 3 separate voices we heard on the recorder but can not say for sure how many spirits actually inhabit the house or who they might have belonged to.

We were unable to catch anything on still camera.

We did catch on our hard wired video IR surveillance camera that were mounted through out the house what appears to be an orb that flies past me, Melissa, at a high rate of speed as I am in the upstairs hallway looking into the front room. (1700)

The house is truly a gem and shows with the true craftsman ship of a long ago time as seen in the basement with the hand hewn beams and the over all beauty of this house.

The investigation was a success and we thank the family for letting us in and trying to solve the mystery of their haunted house.

Tory's Den/Leatherman Cave

Tory's Den is a place we have wanted to go to for a long while. It is related to a case we did in Bristol CT. There was reports that Moses Dunbar haunts this residence. Moses was a Tory and frequently visited this cave to hold secret meetings or to pratice their religion secrectly.
The hike was a major hike. The map says it is moderate to difficult and the fallen and slippery leaves made it even more difficult. Even though this was a tough hike for someone like me who is out of shape, the trail it's self was beautiful. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get to the cave. Once there we crawled inside. I was surprised, it was bigger than I thought it would be. Though I am not sure how many people there would have been in there during a typical Tory meeting or sermon. There is a front entrance with a slab over the top, there is a back entrance you can crawl through and then a tiny little back opening. I could almost stand straight up in it (though I am short). After sitting in the cave and doing an EVP session we crawled out and explored the surronding areas. There are lots of little cracks and holes to explore. We took many photos and used the camcorder and voice recorder. Back the way we came and after few scary "falls" down the slippery leafy covered rocks and paths (don't they have a tram or something...LOL) we finally made it back to the car, to where I kissed the ground I was walking on, thankful there were no more slippery rocky hills to fall down.
After getting home and listening to the voice recorder we found no evidence or EVP's. Even though we found no evidence, it was awesome to sit in the same cave, sit on the same soil that Moses Dunbar might have sat. Moses, the only civilian to be hung for treason by the State of Connecticut in 1777. This is truely one way to learn and live our history..to hike it. The same path that Moses and the other Torys might have taken. This hike is well worth the difficulty.

Sarah Winchester's Grave

Evergreen Cemetery
New Haven, CT

October 18, 2008

Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester

Finally!!!! We finally made it to Sarah Winchester’s burial place. With all the talk about the Winchester house in California one sometimes forgets she is actually buried in CT, right in our own backyard. I have always wanted to go there, so today, we finally made it. To actually see her grave and her husband William’s along with their child’s Annie, it was surreal. We also found Sarah’s parents grave along with Oliver Winchester, her father-in-law.

We were excited to be there on this a crisp autumn day with bright sunshine and a chill in the air. We entered the gates and the anticipation was palpable…then we remembered we had no clue where she was buried. We drove around for a while, thank God we had a photo of her stone to use as a reference. Eric drove us in the right direction and Kevin was the one that actually found the stone. It was bigger than I expected and absolutely beautiful.
The whole cemetery was beautiful. Eric’s family has run a prestigious cemetery in Litchfield county for 3 generations and Eric worked there for 6 ˝ years so we know first hand the work it takes for the upkeep of such a beautiful place. It’s no wonder why Sarah and her family chose this cemetery for their eternal resting place.

I had wanted some "alone" time with Sarah as we had some things in common. We took some pictures and then I sat down next to her stone with the voice recorder and asked the rest of the group to leave me alone for a few minutes. I started with the simple things such as telling Sarah that the family stone was beautiful and we were there not out of disrespect but out of respect for her and the family. Then once I was alone I started to have a "conversation" with Sarah. I told her that I understood her pain of losing an infant daughter , as I too, lost my first born when she was only 8 ˝ months old. I told Sarah her name and explained the bond we shared. I was surprised at my own emotion and the sudden rush of hot tears that slipped down my cheeks. With my composure back in check I continued to ask questions. I also invited William to speak as he and Eric would also have the same in common. I then left the voice recorder perched upon her stone and went and found the rest of our crew and continued on with the stroll through this grand cemetery.

After about 45 more minutes and some more jaw dropping stones and memorials to be seen we were ready to go back and pick up the voice recorder still on the stone and leave this most serine of places. One more stop before we left Evergreen Cemetery was to see the memorial for the firefighters of New Haven…again breath taking and a little sad too.

Upon returning to our home we looked at over 100 digital pictures I took and found nothing but beautiful stones and scenery. I also listened to my voice recorder and unfortunately is was very contaminated with the sound of wind, cars, motorcycles and sirens. The cemetery is located in the center of New Haven and though beautiful and expansive it is not the most quiet place.

Our team that day was in total awe of the cemetery and the Winchester stone and history. Even though we didn’t find anything paranormal it is a must see for any Paranormal Team. It is the closest you will come to the legendary Sarah Winchester; mastermind to the Winchester Mystery House.

Chiane's Coffee House

Chiane's Coffee House is an upscale coffee bar located in Historic downtown Torrington, CT. Our team, after hearing of other reports of ghostly activity, thought it would be fun to check out. We were supposed to have a news crew with us but unfortunately that fell through. Even though our plans changed a bit Diane P, co-owner of Chiane's graciously still agreed to let us investigate.
Diane had a lot of interesting stories and historic facts to tell us about Chiane's past before it was a coffee shop. In our two meetings before we investigated, Diane and Charlie gave us much info to check and research before we went in to investigate.

On Tuesday November 27, 2007 at approx. 6:00 p.m., Supernatural Inc Investigations arrived at Chiane's Coffee House. The weather was cool and the sky clear. Outside we were greeted by a statue of Betty Boop showing us the menu for the day and inside Diane was just finishing up with the last of her customers and cleaning up shop.

We started by taking a guided tour by Diane and another quick list if the paranormal activity that takes place there on a normal basis.

With our equipment in place and Diane gone leaving two large coffee urns for us to enjoy through out the night we started our investigation.

With reports of hearing footsteps in the office below when the upstairs is empty, our first step was to see what we could find. Eric and I (Melissa) stayed upstairs and the rest of the crew went down to Diane’s office to listen. Eric and I pulled up a chair and sat and listened with the voice recorder and video camera going, pointing towards the door. It was hard to hear with the over head fans going and the coolers on. At one point I asked if Eric if he tugged on my shirt sleeve and he said No. After about 20 mins we called the guys upstairs and asked what they heard. They said they heard footsteps but we figured out that the store next to Chiane’s had its front door over Diane’s office and that might explain some of the footsteps that are heard from the office downstairs.

Next on the list, I went and sat in Diane’s office alone for about 20 minutes and I heard and felt nothing. Picked nothing up on the voice recorder either.

At this time Brandy and Eric were in the large storage room where they heard a few things such as a bag crinkle when they were in there. They also said that the air felt heavy in there and they recorded footsteps on the voice recorder that sounded like high heels. No one in our team was wearing heels that night.

At one point of the night Eric and Dorette were in the office downstairs and they saw a bluish green light. Eric said it looked like a mini bolt of lightening and it went diagonally from corner to corner from ceiling to floor and then it just disappeared. This is when a voice is heard on the voice recorder.

Brandy and an auxiliary investigator then went into Diane’s office and had an uneventful time in there.

At this point Eric and Dorette were upstairs with the dowsing rods and they were right by the basement door and started asking questions to Mr. Kirsh. They asked questions and they did get responses. They continued to ask questions as they walked around the bar and continued to get responses.

As this was happening Tom and I were in the basement (large storage room) and we were talking and had the voice recorder going. I had my eyes closed and I heard Tom say that he saw a blue light. I opened my eyes to see a bluish mist coming up from under my chair on the right hand side. I said it was freaking me out and it vanished.

Then Eric and an auxiliary investigator went outside and Brandy and I went down to the basement in that same room and Tom and Dorette went to Diane’s office.

As Brandy and I were in that large basement storage room we were asking the “spirit” to show it’s self to us. All of a sudden Brandy said she saw a big black shadow go across the doorway. So we sat in silence for a while and then again we asked “it” to show it’s self to us. Brandy called my name and she said that she saw something. I looked and saw an illuminated bluish orb that started out small and then grew till it “burst” and then traveled to another part of the room. This went on for about 1 minute. The feeling was complete awe. It didn’t feel threatening or anything. Brandy and I raced upstairs thrilled to tell everyone our experience.

This is when we decided for the end of the investigation we were all going to go back down to that room. It started with Tom and I in there. At one point I said to Tom it looked like it got darker in there ( mind you it was pitch black in there) and I thought a black mass walked between us. At this point the damn phone rang and scared the day lights out of all of us as it was 12:30 a.m. This is where I called everyone else to come to that room. While in that room the blue orbs reappeared and almost all of us saw them. Eric was the only one that didn’t see anything. At one point Dorette actually “caught” one in her hand and then “let it go”. As she closed her hand I actually saw the light disappear and then reappear as she opened her hand.

After this it was time to go collect all our equipment and go home. It was now almost 2 a.m. and most of us had to work later that day.

We have analyzed our evidence and have found some interesting EVPs and caught a few orbs in photos. I am not a big fan of orbs but I have to put some belief in them after seeing the bluish ones that night in the basement.

Again, I would like to thank Diane and Charlie for their hospitality. It was truly an enlightening experience and with out the trust and cooperation of Charlie and Diane it wouldn’t have happened.

Do I think Chiane’s is haunted with the Supernatural??? That I can not answer. I suggest you go visit the coffee house and experience the great hospitality, try a gourmet coffee or one of their delicious pastries and see if you see the ghost of Mr. Kirsh or catch a glimpse of a misty orb peeking around the corner.

Finding The Source

In this upcoming case we will be investigating a split ranch house that has alleged paranormal activity in the form of shadow people, object displacement, and ‘orbs’. While it has sat empty for years it is still in decent shape for us to investigate safely. The alleged story behind the house is that it was owned by an elderly couple who left it to their son that lives out of the country and refuses to return to it. The house is looked after by other family members and are the ones who have reported to have seen the shadow people looking out of windows and moving around in the house.
UPDATE:Ye Old Uncle’s House

This investigation had many challenges for us. First and foremost, there were very few outlets with working electricity and fewer lights which meant we had to run extension cords throughout in a very dark and cold house. This certainly made set up and break down a challenge. The weather was approximately 30 degrees Farenheit with an intermittent gusty wind blowing. If anyone has worked in an abandoned house you know the temperature is usually a few degrees colder inside the building than outside. More challenges, we had to figure out how to dress. Also, the downstairs was used for mostly storage now which made navigating the rooms difficult. Boxes and boxes and boxes of priceless antiques sat stacked floor to ceiling in almost every room. Since there was no heat a water pipe had burst and there was now water damage and mold covering most of the downstairs, and yes, including the antiques.

Walk up the stairs and you were transported to another county and back in time. The upstairs looked like the couple went out to dinner for the night. The only thing that tipped you off was the kitchen table was again covered with boxes of yet more antiques. The dinning room table was set, covered with artifacts from a land far from our own. The walls held priceless pictures from China and the hutches that lined the walls held more unbelievable artifacts from China. The living room was a wash in beautiful reds and gold’s. The couch, a bright white Asian style L seat looked as if it was brand new. Again more hutches held treasures from China and Japan. The bedrooms were equally breathtaking. The main bedroom with it’s gold spreads on its two perfectly made beds, the mirrors with original origami hanging off of them and the closets, were stuffed with the most beautiful Kimonos you have ever seen, hanging there for years untouched. The second bedroom had a picture of the owner, the son who refused to return to the states. The son who refused to “come home”.

The only room that was a mess and undignified in the upstairs was the bathroom. Neither one worked (more challenges for us) and they were in disarray.

How can such a house and the beautiful things go unnoticed? You have got to be lying you say. There can be no such house with the priceless things you mention, all going to ruin. Well, I am not lying and it was painful for us to go and see that the house was in such shambles, the treasures and trinkets all rotting away.

We heard about this case from a very close friend of the group. It was his grandparents house and they left it to their son (his uncle) with their passing. Only one problem, he refuses to return to the states. Our friend's mother lives on the same property so the house and all of its contents are safe, carefully and continously watched over day and night. His parents had given him the house when he was in the service and then waited for him to come home. The son would send gifts to appease his parents but never actually came back home. He still lives out of the country with no plans to return. His parents died with broken hearts as their son never returned to the house they gave him, the house he now owns with all the lovely treasures with in.

Our friend tried to live in this house for a short period of time. It was in need of too much work for him to ever actually live there. But he did stay for a short period of time a few years back. This is when he would see shadows. He went to sleep one night and awake to the house being very hot. Checking the thermostat he saw it was at 90 when he knows he set it at 65 before we went to bed. His niece says she saw a shadowy figure looking out the back bedroom window, when she was outside looking at the back of the house.

So out team arrived at 7:00 p.m. on a cold and windy night to check out the supposed activities of this said house. Stopping at Dunkin Donuts before hand to get a few boxes of Joe to keep warm and stay awake we headed to our friends house. He drove to his uncles house and let us in and stayed for the investigation.

Like I said, set up was difficult and we handled it great. We got all of our equipment set up and running and we were off to “catch ghosts”.

We all split off to different teams of 2 which we rotated partners all night.

We all took turns in different parts of the house and braved the cold outside too. The night was pretty uneventful with a few notes of interest. First my digital camera went thru 15 sets of batteries. I know it was cold and that can have an effect on some batteries but no one else had any difficulties. I also take a lot of pictures on any investigation and this one was no different. Though nothing supernatural showed in the pictures I did get some great photos of the antiques in the house. Also, at one point Dorette’s voice recorder started playing back on its own. It was clipped to her coat and on the hold setting so it should not have done that. At one point Eric and I were sitting on the couch together and we asked the “spirit” to drop the temperature if it was there with us. As Eric and I were watching the thermometer is started to drop and we asked again for who ever it was to drop the temperature and again it dropped. In the end the temperature around Eric and I dropped about 15 degrees. It was bone chilling. I was shivering so bad and I could not stop. Yes, the house was cold but none of us were shivering before and I was the only one shivering after this. It was as if the cold was coming from within me. I never did warm up that night. Also, there were the dowsing rods, Eric had taken out the dowsing rods and was standing in the living room asking questions. Then Dorette grabbed a pair of dowsing rods and Eric and Dorette and were standing on the landing to the stairs. They were asking questions and the dowsing rods were crossing , what was strange was that Eric and Dorette’s rod’s were doing exactly the same thing. Both at the same time, they would cross or they wouldn’t cross. Our friend was asking questions and we think the spirit in that house is his grandfather, upset that his son has never some home. At one point during the night we took a break, standing in the kitchen talking and drinking coffee, the voice recorder was running still and we were talking about Brandy getting a multiplexer. Clear as a bell you san hear on the voice recorder in a male’s voice, “ gotta get me one of those.” It was none of us talking and our friend said it might be his grandfather as he loved gadgets. It was a chuckle to us as we have NO explanation for this. And last as we were packing up to leave I left my voice recorder running on the table downstairs and only because I could not carry it with everything else I had in my arms. On the voice recorder as we were going over the evidence you can hear us walking around and taking stuff to the cars but you can also hear we were upstairs and all was empty downstairs noises. It sounded as if someone was hammering wood or maybe stacking wood. It was like on a loop reel, the sound just went over and over and over again. Almost like we were hearing a residual haunting on tape. It was not us because when ever we came downstairs you can hear clearly it’s us walking and talking.

It was an excellent learning experience to investigate this house. It posed many challenges we were not used to dealing with but we made the best of it and conducted a very thorough there investigation and are happy with the results.


If you haven't heard of this town it would be because it is not on any modern maps nor older maps dating back to the nineteenth century (that are found in the historical section of the town library). Rumors of this town explain that it was wiped out due to small pox but there are some that don't believe this. The truth is that we really don't know, and may not ever know, but what Supernatural Inc Investigations is doing is a lot of leg-work. Literally. We have been doing a great deal of hiking in the woods trying to locate this town and so far have found property markers in the form of stone walls littered throughout that section of Burlington as well as a long rectangular hole in the ground that upon digging a little found that there is a foundation which is keeping the rectangular form.

We are currently working on getting a GPS system so that we can cross-reference where we've found such evidence of a town [maybe it's not even Polkville] with more modern maps and we're also working on getting back up to the local history room to see what else we can find. This is going to be a long but exciting process for us and I will be reporting back on this every so often so please continue to check back and see what kind of headway we are making!!!!

PS- The names in the Lamson Corner Cemetary are the same names as the early residents of Polkville so at least we found where many of them were buried!!

The Old Tory Prison in Nassaheagan State Forest
This little stone jail was allegedly used during the early settlement of Burlington two centuries ago. A couple of us spent some time inside this small stone structure and discovered that it was not as old as previously thought. It was the subtleties that gave it away; the masonry around the barred windows and the bars themselves speak of the twentieth century.

After talking with a couple long-time residents of the area we also found that it was part of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp [CCC] that was established during FDR's presidency. This is better known to some as part of his 'New Deal' to help heal the nation during the crisis known as the Depression. The actual cabins and buildings were located diagonally [to the right] behind this structure which was really used to make the workers sleep off their drunkeness after a night out at the tavern in Burlington down by the Farmington River.

Could there be activity in that area? Perhaps. The entire area [Burlington that is] was heavily settled by Algonquins and therefore has a rich and long history but we found nothing out of the ordinary there. Well except for a mediocre paintball battlefield in and around the old building foundations-which are the only remnants left from that era in time.

Lamson Corner Cemetery
We had heard rumors that this cemetery located on Route 69 was haunted so a couple of us decided to go check it out. The story detailed how a hiker needed to know what time it was and happened to see a military man in full uniform looking down at something. The hiker called to him for the time but when the hiker got to where the soldier was standing he had disappeared. The hiker looked down to see that he was standing in front of a headstone for a WWII veteran.

We searched the whole cemetery and could find only one WWII grave. The grave is located all the way back and to the right of the main path. The Cemetery is full of history and in fact we found half a dozen Revolutionary War veteran's graves and a couple Civil War graves with one from the War of 1812 and WWI.

There have also been reports of seeing Victorian-dressed apparitions walking along the road late at night and that strange lights could be seen in/over the graveyard. I can say that I've traveled that road for most of my life at all different times and have never seen any such apparitions or lights around the cemetery.

However, since Lamson Corner Cemetery is elevated well above the road we will have to see if we can get permission for a night investigation. It would be great to see if we can observe first hand any such phenomena. On a more uplifting note, while listening to our recording of the cemetery I believe that we picked up 'something' and need to go back for further explanation on that as well!

Revised on November 1,2009.

Melissa and myself have taken another trek to the infamous cemetery. We found sadly that vandals have stricken again!!! These disrespectful people who deface and destroy,desecrate the dead are the lowest forms of life! They must be stopped!!!! If they have no feelings or respect for the dead it brings to mind what they can do to the living!! To me a grave and grave stone marks the history link to our past. Every stone and person has a story to tell. Maybe that is why there is so much activity. I only can hope that karma catches up with these people in the end.
For all those who have been desecrated may they find peace in knowing that some of us care, and will help put a stop to such actions. God Bless and my they rest in peace..

Investigation of Private Residence on Blake Street

We began our investigation believing from the reports that the activity being witnessed had solely to do with the house. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we found this not to be the case. On that night, in 120 minutes of investigating, we 'caught' many EVPs with about half of those being 'rock solid' phenomena.

Besides evidence obtained by our multiple voice recorders, we were able to use our dowsing rods with great success and almost all of us had personal experiences. Some of those experiences and EVPs were recorded outside of the physical dwelling and led us to believe that this 'haunting' has much more to do with the land versus having much to do with the house. This assumption is backed up with research done by various members of the group concerning some seemingly shady land transfers dating back to 1869 and probably before.

Since we still have much research to do concerning a word spoken by a woman in an empty room [definately not one of us] and pre-1866 land ownership, we will be updating this as we delve deeper towards uncovering the truth and bringing some form of closure to the property owners.

Investigation of an Annexed Hospital Building

We were brought in to check out the stories of spirit activity at a building which is part of a local hospital. The investigation turned up nothing out of the ordinary. However we did learn a lot about the people who started the hospital!

This is yet another fine example of how not every case turns up with ghosts or supernatural activity and we still had a great time no matter the outcome!

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