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Supernatural Inc. Investigations

    Supernatural Inc. Investigations (S.N.I.)is a Multi-member team of investigative/researchers based in Torrington, CT. The team was incorporated in March of 2007 to find out the truth behind the paranormal field. We have a combined over 25 years of paranormal experience.

     We will perform a professional investigation with you in mind. We will keep all of our findings confidential, unless otherwise specified. Any information found while investigating is the property of Supernatural Inc. Investigations (S.N.I.). A complete copy of our findings are given at the closure of each case. Our slogan is, and always will be "We Seek Out The Truth".

     Today there are so many groups out there that call themselves paranormal investigators. The truth be known they are nothing more then thrill seekers who like to ghost hunt.

     We are different; we find the history of the buildings and land that we investigate. We only investigate with full permission of property, home, or business owners. We look up old files and records that will help us on our quest for the truth.

     We never charge. Our payment is to educate people and to empower them not to be afraid of what they can not see. Our goal is to seek out the truth and collect evidence of paranormal activity to back up the claims of each case.

     We are not just ghost hunters. We are a group of serious investigative/researchers that will get the answers you need. This is our mission statement and our promise.
We will seek out the truth!

Eric G. Good

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All content on this website, including but not limited to, photos, videos, EVPs, poetry and investigation findings are the property of Supernatural Inc. Investigations and CAN NOT be copied in part or in whole without written permission/consent from Supernatural Inc. Investigations and will be punishable by law.

Thank you All!

I just wanted to thank all of you.  From all of you who visit this website, to all the people who have helped us a long the way!!!  I want thank the team.  You guys are my family and some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with!  I really believe that we can accomplish anything!  To all the great people who have called us in to investigate. We are here for you!  For all the people who are going to be new clients.  We will work hard to help you get the answers you are looking for.  Supernatural Inc. Investigations Thanks you all and so do I.

Eric & Melissa Good
Founders of
Supernatural Inc.

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Paranormal History and Supernatural Inc. Investigations
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The History of the Paranormal & what sets Supernatural Inc. Investigations apart from Other groups!
Narrated by: Michael Ritts


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Crawling deeper, ever deeper, into my hole of despair,
Why bother surfacing for there isn’t anyone there.
Unkind and unholy, the nightmare remains,
My pain and distrust is all that it gains.

Walking thru a darkened maze,
Blackened tunnels meet your gaze.
Pull me up from deaths embrace,
Help me escape this evil place.

Our clock ticks by one by one,
Never knowing when our time will come.
Don’t dwell on life the prophets speak,
For there is no answers to the questions we seek.

The world is a condemned place,
There is no chance for the human race.
Pull me up from deaths embrace,
Help me escape this evil place.

You’re a predator of the weak,
But your secrets you can not keep.
Deception is your skill,
Never surrendering to all you kill.

Walking thru a darkened maze,
Blackened tunnels meet your gaze.
Pull me up from deaths embrace…

Help me escape this evil place.

Melissa a. Good

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We Seek Out The Truth!!!!!!

We are a multi-member group that investigates Ghosts,Legends,Folklore,and Creatures..

This website is dedicated to the investigation of the paranormal and to those who seek answers to 'disturbances' that they have experienced.

At Supernatural Inc. Investigations we are not just another ghost hunting group. We are paranormal research/investigators that get to the bottom of your concerns. We know how it feels to be in your situation.

If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns please send us an e-mail at Our group is ready to help anyone in need of such help or understanding.

In the meantime if you have any interesting stories about your area, anything you'd like us to prove or debunk, drop us an email so we can post it and investigate it.

Again, thank you!

Eric Good [Founder]
Supernatural Inc.



Thanks Tim Driscoll And the City Views Staff You Are Awesome!

White Noise Forum's Saturday Night Paranormal Starring Ian Hickin
 Saturday Nights 10pm-2am

Just a great Bunch of people, helping people! It just doesn't get better then them! Thanks Guys! On Saturday Nights 10pm-2am. Check them out!!!! 

Saturday Night Paranormal Starring Ian Hickin


Great Place to stay when in Salem, MA

Hi everyone if your ever in Salem MA. You have to check out the Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast...
Melissa and I had a wonderful time at The Morning Glory Bed  & Breakfast. Bob Shea the owner is so knowledgeable of Salem. He pointed us off the beating path of the normal tourists. We found ourselves looking at old cemeteries and landmarks, great pubs, delis, restaurants and shops that aren't listed on the brochures. When we went there for our 15 year anniversary we planned our trip around Bob and the Morning Glory B&B. We first went there 7 years ago and Bob opened his house and heart to us. He even has a friendly spirit the sometimes makes her presents known. If anyone wants to stay in a beautiful Bed & Breakfast located in the heart of Salem right next door to The House of Seven Gables look no further. The Morning Glory has also some of the best homemade breads and pastries you will ever taste! I promise you will not be disappointed! Thank You Bob!

For more information look at our friends page. There is a link to The Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast.

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We Are Just Like You!!!!! We are Supernatural Inc. Investigations!!!!

Valentown Museum

We at Supernatural Inc. Investigations were saddened to receive a letter from the Victor Historic Society informing us that we or anyone that has booked any ghost hunting event was canceled do to their lack of interest in the paranormal field. They no longer will allow our or any group to perform an investigation on the property. What they don't understand is the loss of funding they will receive. Not to mention the local businesses. Here is Melissa's letter.

Dear Kathy,

    As Founder of Supernatural  Inc. Investigations I was deeply upset this morning when I opened my email from Carol Finch to find that our investigation at the Valentown Museum has been cancelled.  My group has been planning this trip since January.  We have all taken time off from work and other obligations and we were extremely excited to be able to be a part of the museums vast history. 
     I realize that some people do not believe in the paranormal but to cancel a whole program because of a lack of understanding or lack of caring to understand is deplorable.  To teach about history is a wonderful thing but one must remember that without history there would be no “ghosts”.  In our preparation for this investigation our whole team did research about Victor New York and the spot that the museum stands on, including the building its’ self.  We learned so much about the history you are trying to promote, the only difference is that we would have used that knowledge to validate any paranormal claims that we or any other group have previously voiced.
     We would have definitely been there and enjoyed ourselves.  We would have come home with great stories to tell our friends and encourage them to visit (even though it would be a seven hour drive to get there from CT).  Now, unfortunately, we have no great stories and I am no longer willing to encourage friends to travel to the museum to visit.   We have been posting on our website, Facebook and Twitter for our followers  and they were also interested to know what we found there, now we have to post that the investigation has been cancelled and not by us.   
      We, at Supernatural Inc. Investigations are not the only ones affected by this decision.  The management at the Micro Motel was very upset to hear that we were canceling our reservations for 5 rooms ($700.00) because the GHOST program at your museum was cancelled.  I am sure they will not be happy when all the other groups start to cancel also.  The restaurants and all business will also suffer and in this economy any business they could get would help them.
     Again, I wanted to let you know how displeased we are to not be able to investigate. I do not feel this matter was handled appropriately when there are groups already scheduled, and deposits made months in advance.   For a business so concerned about their “politically correct” history, this will be remembered by all in the Paranormal community. 

Eric & Melissa Good
Founders of
Supernatural Inc.

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